Friday, December 19, 2008

High hopes

I have high hopes today. Not for anything exciting, just that I will get to leave the house sometime in the not-too-distant future. I went downstairs yesterday to check the mail, but other than that haven't left at all since Ethan and I ran to the grocery store on the corner on Wednesday. Yeah, the cabin fever is getting bad. Except I am looking out my window to the sidewalks and street, which are a solid sheet of ice. Right before I wrote this, I watched someone slip and fall, hard on the ice.  So that's tempering my enthusiasm to go out. 

Daniel made it in to work this morning and dropped off Ethan at daycare. I actually do need to go get him in a couple of hours, so will have to brave the ice then. It's a little intimidating to be pregnant and walking on ice while pushing the stroller. Too much responsibility- the well-being of two little ones and me with a messed up center of gravity (and fairly little coordination to begin with).

Tomorrow we have to make it out to the store at some point, because I need to buy our Christmas turkey so that can start defrosting for Thursday.  Oh, and Daniel has to get out to buy me a present already. My grandmother mailed us small gifts, so I have something under the tree and in my stocking now, at least. :)

We're supposed to get another storm on Sunday, to add more fun to the ice and snow already on the ground.  Hopefully we'll be able to get everything done before that and safely tucked back inside.  And maybe the storm will hold off a bit so we can actually go to church! That would be lovely. 

Stay safe, everyone. 

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Ashley said...

Be safe in the snow! I still think it would be beautiful if you got a white Christmas there! Kirsten was sick too, so she had to stay inside and didn't get to go play in the snow. I feel your pain!