Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday, Friday!

So, when Daniel got home and fished the lids out from under the stove, there were 23. And still, when I went to put away leftovers from dinner, there were no lids in the drawer that matched the first three of the four containers I tried. Meaning, there are many more lids under the stove. Sneaky little kid.

Thank you for giving in to my patheticness and leaving comments on the advent calendar. Someone (Jen, I think) asked how it was made- it's a big piece of foam board, wrapped in wrapping paper, with boxes (jewelry/small gift boxes) glued on. Inside each little box is a verse from the Bible story of Jesus' birth, and some candy. We forgot to open last night's box and we'll be gone tonight and tomorrow night. So it's the 5th day of Advent and we're already failing at this. Oh and yes, I am a little tyrant in real life too, demanding that people do what I want all the time. But I'm small and round and people tend to just think I'm cute and pat me on the head and not take my attempts at world domination too seriously, so I get away with it.

At "work" today. Not much to do. Except writing this service sheet on a project that I know nothing about for a department of the company who might as well be spinning straw into gold, for all I know about their work. The scientists and the engineers don't interact much at my company. We're all incredibly nerdy in our own way, but we confuse each other too much for much socializing.

Two more hours at the office, then I am off to get Ethan, give him a large snack and a bath, pick up Daniel at the office, and then drive what I hope will be 3-3.5 hours but will likely be 5, since it is Friday night, down to my grandmother's house in Portland. Then we'll reverse the process on Sunday and will head back home to quickly do some laundry before the week starts again. I need a weekend after my weekend!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Lizzie said...

"not take my attempts at world domination too seriously" hahaha. That cracked me up!

Jen said...

We have a cheepy advent calendar from Walmart... I love yours and plan on making something similar after X-mas. Thanks for the idea!! Oh and Jackson is LOVING the choclate that came in ours. He signs "more" after he gets his piece for the day - LOL!