Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Enjoying the outside world

I'm feeling so liberated- it's Tuesday and I'm NOT hanging out at the Seattle Children's Museum. Not that there's anything wrong with the museum. I'm just completely sick of it. 

But I unexpectedly had the car today, thanks to an appointment Ethan had this morning (everything is fine). We took Daniel to work in Bellevue, drove to the hospital for Ethan's appointment, then went to Fred Meyer for some grocery/stuff shopping. Managed to focus on groceries and didn't buy anything off the list.  We also dropped by the local Goodwill, where I got a nice winter coat. It's funny to shop at Goodwill these days, because it's definitely a very different crowd than used to shop at thrift stores. Very nicely dressed people in expensive cars mostly.  Anyway, I managed to spill red juice on my white coat a few weeks ago, so I have been wearing my pre-Ethan sized winter coat, which barely buttons across my 1.3 babies later chest.  So for the sake of not freezing this winter, shopping had to be done. Fortunately I found a nice, petite sized coat for a very reasonable price, so the shopping trip was a success.

Now we're home, catching up on email and Internet stuff. But we're leaving again soon, to go hang out at a coffee shop with Lizzie and Lucy. Hurray! More socializing!  Sigh of happiness.

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Ashley said...

does that mean you don't want to go to the Seattle Children's museum with me sometime? :) I've still never been!