Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas, part 2 (not really saga-worthy)

Let's see- recap of the last 24+ hours. Daniel made it home from work in time for us to head up to our 4 PM Christmas Eve service. The roads were totally fine from the time we left our road (which had about 3 inches of slush) until we got to the road that church was on. The road was snowy, turned into the parking lot, headed to a spot... and realized we were stuck. But we were more or less in a parking spot, so decided to worry about it later.

Had a nice service with lots of other people who were VERY happy to be out of their homes. The service was nice- it was so great to be back worshipping with others. I've missed that so much! When we went to leave we had to dig our car out of the spot, and Daniel and the
husband of the family stuck in the spot next to us helped each other push the cars, and we made it home.

This morning we got up and had a very relaxing morning. Opened presents, played a bit. Talked to my parents on Skype. Daniel caught up on the phone with another friend- and when he got off, there was a voicemail from his brother saying that his parents were on the bus and would be here at 2 PM. CUE THE FRANTIC CLEANING. We expected them closer to 4, so I suddenly lost 2 hours of my day. Anyway, things got cleaned, and some of dinner got prepped.

Daniel had to deal with the raw turkey, as I cannot stand the smell of raw meat under non-pregnant circumstances. I did do the seasoning and buttering, so I think it still counts
as my turkey. And it turned out great, and only about 30 minutes later than I had hoped. The potatoes were also good, the stuffing not so much, which was disappointing, as I had worked really hard on that.

I totally used up all my cooking ability for the next LONG while, but I'm going to risk it and try to make soup with the turkey carcass once I can get to the store and get some veggies. Hopefully I wont be pushing my luck for cooking!

Pictures of our Christmas below...

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