Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banana bread...yummmmmmm

I'm making banana bread right now. It's almost done. And I've been putting off breakfast so I can use all my morning calories by eating half of the bread. So I had to come blog for a while so that I wouldnt keep sitting in front of the oven and drooling. So hungry... bread is so yummy....

In pregnancy news (remember that?- yeah, I realize I actually mentioned my first pregnancy on my blog originally and have virtually ignored the second one), I'm 15 weeks today.  Which is weird.  The first trimester was slow and just as nerve-wracking as the first one, but then it was like "pregnant, yeah, whatever".  I'm looking forward to this baby, but Ethan's so energy and time-consuming, and actually there, so he takes up most of my brain space.  And I dont look or feel even vaguely pregnant right now, so that also makes it hard to remember that I'm pregnant sometimes.  I have an OB appointment on Friday though, and should get to hear the heartbeat then, which will be nice.

So, yesterday. SUCKED.  I sat at my desk and sobbed for several hours (while trying to work), made sad phone calls to my supervisor begging for not stupid work, cried some more, then came home early and ate the chocolate out of my Christmas stocking. Since I put it there in the first place, I felt that was acceptable :)  Then I felt better. And I think I might have less annoying work for later this week, so that's fun!  And I'll be off work for a long time over Christmas, so I'm just trying to make it to that week.

On the rental property front, the person that seemed really interested in our condo called to cancel his viewing. So we're doing lots of praying for wisdom on what to do about that property and the one we live in and the other property... it's hard for me to see long-term about these things when it's having an effect on our bank account soon, but Daniel has a better perspective and I know we'll make a good decision in the end.  I hope.

And on the more fun front, Daniel asked his parents to stay an extra day over Christmas, and he and I are going to go away for one night and stay at the Pan Pacific in Seattle. It's a fancy new hotel and we got an amazing deal (and have a coupon for dinner at a restaurant nearby), so we're looking forward to our mini-break.  Hopefully Ethan wont totally wear out his grandparents, since they're also watching him all day Friday, in addition to Saturday night when we're gone.  

Okay, must go eat bread! Bye!


Elizabeth said...

you and your legitimate consummation of delicious carbs. I'm jealous. your mini-break with your husband sounds amazing. Good thinking, guys!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you guys will get a little break! I hear you about being so consumed by a toddler that you don't have much time to feel pregnant. Although I definitely DO look pregnant now, at 21 weeks. A lot more than I did with the first one at this stage!