Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yeah, so I skipped a holiday here in my blog

I signed off and then thought 'duh, it's thanksgiving tomorrow and I didn't even mention it! And I have SO much to be thankful for this year!'

Tomorrow should be a nice Thanksgiving. We'll be catching the ferry over to my grandmother's house in Bremerton, but that's not until noonish, so we'll have a nice quiet morning at home. And since it's a holiday there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.  No work, no shopping, no cleaning (I got that done today!).  Just watching TV and relaxing. Which we need so desperately. In the pre-baby days we would have slept in, but Ethan believes in sleeping until 8:15 on weekdays and until 6:45 on holidays and weekends. Maybe he wont realize tomorrow is a holiday and will sleep late. But I doubt it. 

Then we'll spend the afternoon with my relatives and will head home after dinner.  A fairly low pressure Thanksgiving. All I have to bring is the wine (sigh) and sparkling juice.  I tend to drink relatively cheap wine under normal circumstances, and some of my relatives are wine aficionados, so it might not be up to their standards. Since I just bought whatever the Trader Joe's people said went well with turkey.  But I don't get to drink it, so who cares.  

Anyway, Happy happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May your holiday be full of love and happiness and many reasons to be thankful.

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