Saturday, November 29, 2008

Um, yeah, he's your problem today.

That's the general unspoken message that I've been conveying to Daniel all morning. Thankfully Ethan is thrilled to see Daddy and so needs no convincing to follow Daddy around instead of Mommy and demand that Daddy read him a story from his Baby Blessing Bible for the 95millionth time in an hour.  So far this morning I did do laundry and unload the dishwasher, and I changed two diapers, but that's about as far as I contributed on the childcare front.  Then I grabbed the car keys and ran out the door.  

Then I ran errands. Alone.  This is momentous because I haven't left the house alone in probably close to a month. With the exception of running to Taco Bell one night to grab some food.  Lately I rarely leave the house at all. Daniel and Ethan are off at the Children's Museum with a friend of ours and his daughter.  I'm resting and drinking some diet coke before I go pick up another friend and head off to craft afternoon.


Note to self. Get a life. Seriously, you're pathetic.

No real resolution on the whole kitchen/Christmas gifts thing.  Whatever we do, we have to be budget conscious, because money is getting tight, due to vacancies we have in rental properties we own.  This is not a good time of year to be trying to rent out a property, much less two.  I just told Daniel I needed him to decide soon (like immediately) about what he wanted to do, because I cant afford to wait until he researches kitchen floors for weeks if he's going to then decide that we should do gifts instead.  Which is what he typically does, he researches things very very thoroughly. And that's great, but not in this case.  

Okay, time to go! Out!

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