Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trip recap

Okay, I am unpacked, Ethan and I have been to the grocery store, my kitchen and bathroom floors are relatively clean, and I am really hoping Ethan's nap is going to continue a while longer! 

As I said before, the trip went well. Ethan slept for 3 of our 4 flight takeoffs, napping for about an hour on most of the flight and sleeping for 3.5 hours on our flight home. So that part of the trip went SO much better than we had thought it would go.  On our flight home, we were in a section of the plane that was full of kids, so we weren't too worried about Ethan crying then. But he still was fairly happy until the very end of the flight, when he had just had enough and really wanted to go to bed!

We also had fun checking out the different play areas in the airports we visited. We were impressed by the play areas in Seattle and Cincinnati, and were really upset to find out that Atlanta has closed ALL of their toddler play areas because of insurance costs.  Even the tiny little Tri-Cities airport had a table with one of those bead toys on it, which Ethan enjoyed.  He also had fun looking out the windows at the airports and screaming at the airplanes and airport workers.  

Probably the funniest part of the trip was when we arrived in TN on Tuesday night. We had made plans to stay with some old friends of mine for that night, so after landing and meeting up with my brother to borrow his car for the week, we drove to my friends' house.  We got out of the car, rang the doorbell, waited a few minutes, and then the door was opened by my friend, with a VERY shocked look on his face. In the busyness of life with their three kids, trying to sell their house and planning for a trip of their own, they'd lost track of what day it was and when we were coming!  Fortunately, things were clean, since the house was being showed the next day, and they'd randomly made a double batch of food for dinner, so it wasn't a big deal. But very amusing to us.

The next day we drove to Roanoke, where my parents were outside to meet our car within about 0.00001 seconds of us driving into the driveway.  Daniel and I pretended that they were happy to see us, but we know the truth.  Ethan then spent the next 5 days being utterly and completely spoiled rotten.  

The other really amusing part of the trip was our family picture experience on Saturday. We decided to all wear blue shirts for the family picture, and made lots of jokes about matching outfits.  But it wasn't too bad, since we parked near the photo studio and walked quickly to and from our car. BUT- my parents and I ended up in one car together while Daniel and Ethan went back to my parents' house with my brother and his wife.  And then my parents remembered that we had to drop by Sam's to pick up something. So there we were, wearing our matching outfits, walking around the giant warehouse store.  Where we promptly ran into a pastor friend of Dad's, who gave us very strange looks until we explained that we did not normally dress in matching outfits and that it was post-family photo.  I told my parents that I felt like I was 14 again, embarrassed to be seen in public with them.  

So, travel went smoothly, visiting family and friends went well, and we're slowly readjusting to West Coast time.  I'm really glad we were able to go on the trip, and I'm really glad to be home again! Probably our last plane trip for a while, as Ethan's getting big enough to really need his own seat, and costs are really high for that many people to fly cross-country.  But we got our money's worth on this trip, so all is well.

Now I need a nap. Badly.  Or I need to get my Internet to work properly so that I can watch last week's Ugly Betty online. I need to catch up!

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Ashley said...

I'm glad he slept lots on the flight and that you had a fun trip! I did NOT know the Seattle airport had a play area. I'll have to find that next time for sure!