Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Online sale at Fleurville

When I was shopping for a diaper bag pre-Ethan, I developed a serious crush on a bunch of different types of bags, including Bumble, Petunia Pickle Bottom and Fleurville. Thanks to a great sale on Amazon, I ended up with my Bumble bag, which I have loved dearly for the last 15 months. But I am really wanting a new bag for the new baby, so was excited to hear about Fleurville's annual sale on seconds, going on now.

The website has this disclaimer:
As we clear out space in our warehouse, we may find more bags to add to the sale. Please keep checking back for new bags! Seconds are bags that did not make the cut during our rigorous Quality Control process. They are all functional bags with all of their components that have cosmetic blemishes which could include but are not limited to: fabric flaws, stains on the fabric, wrinkles, cloudy TPU, and lamination issues. All seconds sales are non-refundable, non-returnable.

I figure that my current bag also has some issues after being dragged around for months and exposed to a toddler, so for these prices, I was willing to take a chance. Go check it out, their bags are gorgeous.

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