Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New post

I deleted my last post. It was just too whiny. Apologies to those of you who got it on your reader feeds before I took it down.  Seriously, I'm pathetic today.  

Last night my bladder apparently got the memo about me being in my second trimester of pregnancy.  It's amazing that one small cup of tea before bed can lead to 4 trips to the bathroom between 10 PM and 6 AM. Seriously, what's up with that! And I know that I'm only in the second trimester according to some sources, others start it at 14 weeks. Whatever.  Oddly enough, I look less pregnant than last time at 13 weeks.  And my pre-pregnancy clothes are still too big, although I am starting to gain weight.  

Well, Ethan's done with snacktime, so I need to go figure out a new activity that doesn't involve taking everything out of my kitchen drawers or hitting the cats with his sippy cup.  Coloring maybe. If I can convince him to stop trying to eat the crayons. The kid is sneaky and fast with chewing on the crayons. Thank goodness they're non-toxic!

Oh, in other amusing news, I got an email this morning from a new special interest group forming as part of my professional organization. A special interest group for Chinese people in this field. :) I wrote them back and said my last name was courtesy of my Chinese husband, but that I appreciated the invite and wished them luck with the new group.  :)


Ashley said...

Wow! I know I definitely look much bigger at this point in my pregnancy now than I did with my first one. Funny how that works!

Elizabeth said...

You can always be whiny with US! :)

Jen said...

Hi Carrie!!

We let Jackson color with Color Wonders markers. They come out clear and they are non toxic. If you are really brave, we have also let him paint with Crayola washable paints and he had a great time. He did put a brush in his mouth and it was blue but they are also nontoxic so I didn't care - LOL!