Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Christmas stuff

Okay, so 1) I am totally out of work, 2) it's already 4 PM on the east coast so no one is around to give me work and 3) I don't want to work anyway, so I'm using a few hours of PTO and am shopping online. 

So far I have bought something for myself and my best friend's Christmas present. Which took me all of 5 minutes. I logged on to, browsed the cute stuff, saw something I liked, put it in the basket and purchased it. 

Why can't shopping for my husband be so easy? He needs nothing. He wants nothing. When he does want something, he just buys it. Which is why I've totally given up on birthday gifts, but darn it, I need something to put under our (2 foot tall, fake) Christmas tree. I keep begging for ideas, but he has nothing. Whereas I usually either give him a list, or tell him to go to the Sephora store, tell the salespeople how much he wants to spend and he comes home with a perfect gift.

This is going to be pretty much my second or third "real" Christmas. And I'm almost 32. I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas (that's a whole 'nother LONG blog entry).  I've had a few since then, but I'm still a little lost with the whole thing. I love going to church on Christmas Eve and all the pretty music. And, fortunately, my parents don't celebrate Christmas still (they go to church and all, but no presents), so I don't have to buy them anything. 

Oddly enough, I married into a family that also doesn't really do Christmas. They also go to church and give presents, but there's no decorations or tree or anything, and they usually just hand us the gifts (or money) when we are leaving to go home. 

This year the in-laws are coming here for Christmas, since daycare is closed December 24-January 1st, and Daniel and I both need to work on Boxing Day, so they'll come down for Christmas and Boxing Day and will leave on Saturday. I'm cooking a "traditional" dinner this year, because I'm utterly tired of Chinese food. And, although I do not cook, at all, I figure they don't usually eat "white people" food and wont really know the difference unless I totally foul it up.  

On a slightly different topic, I just emailed one person with my list of recommended downtown Seattle Christmas activities. Drop me a note if anyone else wants it!

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