Friday, November 28, 2008

Kitchen floors? Seriously?

Last night I finally realized that there was no possible good reason for me to go shopping today, and that it just wasn't worth driving Daniel 30 minutes to work and then back home, just to shop for things I don't really need.  Sigh.  I did some online shopping this morning, but again, couldn't find anything that I desperately needed.

I had really hoped to buy Daniel's present today. I have spent the last two months begging and pleading with him to give me ideas. And I had been getting excited at the thought of giving him a list of what little things I wanted (we usually just buy a few small things and don't spend more than $50 total).  I also had a few small toys chosen for Ethan at since he still mainly has baby toys and is getting bored with those.  But as of this morning Daniel had still given me NO ideas, which lead to some, um... discussions early this morning. 

Then he came out of the shower and informed me that he had been planning secretly that we shouldn't do presents this year, and that we should just do a family present.  I was a little excited at this idea, until he told me that his idea of a family present was a new kitchen floor.  (insert blank stare here).

There are a lot of things in our condo which bug me. The kitchen and bathroom floors are NOT on that list. I happen to like our floors and think they're really practical and have said so many times to Daniel.  

So now I'm totally grouchy.  It's raining, so we're probably going to be in all day, and Daniel's at work all day (he told me originally that he would come home early, but that's apparently no longer the plan). And my little Christmas tree is going to stay lonely, with no gifts. Because I'm getting flooring instead.


In happier news, Thanksgiving was really nice! We caught the ferry to Bremerton with about 1 minute to spare, thanks to the massive lineup. But we made it and had a fun ride over. Ethan loved watching the water and the things go by outside.  Our afternoon was fun as we socialized with my relatives and caught up with them. Dinner was yummy, and I didn't have to cook, which made it even better!  And then we caught the ferry home with 5 minutes to spare and had a relaxing evening at home. 

Tomorrow I'm off to a craft afternoon at a friend's house. Which should be interesting, given that I do not do crafts and have a 1.3 second attention span and tend to get bored quickly and wander off. But I'll get to socialize with my girlfriends and catch up with them and have a break from home, so I'm excited!

Okay, time to entertain Ethan and work on getting our Christmas cards done. Busy day at home!

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Elizabeth said...

Flooring, huh? Tell Daniel to come our way - our kitchen floors could stand to be replaced. Oh, and also tell him that I said you need diamonds for being such a wonderful wife.