Sunday, November 2, 2008

I won something!

Most of the giveaways on Bloggy Giveaway ended yesterday, so I was hopefully checking my email all day.  And a few times I got emails from the people, but it was always just a list of the winners that was sent out to all the entrants. Boo.  Right before I went to bed last night, I got one more of those "list of winners" emails, but this time my name was on it! I won a Flip Video Camera!!!!!!!  Amusingly enough, I won at the Have Kid Will Travel site, which I find funny given that my whole energy these past few days has gone into mentally and physically preparing us for our first big trip with a kid!

Just waiting now to hear back from her on the details and hoping the nice lady at the site wasn't freaked out by my excessive use of exclamation points in my email.  Yeah, I was pretty excited.

We're on nursery duty this month at church, so that'll be interesting. We're serving with our good friends, so we'll be able to chat at least.  Ethan, of course, will not even remotely care that Mommy and Daddy are in the nursery with him. After all, there are trains to be played with and a slide to go down.  After church I plan to try to get Daniel to take me to IKEA, as I'm getting a bit of cabin fever (I've gone out this week, but nowhere fun), and I do not want to stare at these piles of clothes anymore.  SO tired of packing!

Anyway, so that's all from here. Go check out the site at Have Kid Will Travel, it's a fun one!

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Lizzie said...

Lucky you! That's a great prize! We'll keep you in our prayers this week as you travel. Both for your safety and your sanity. :)