Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween- Part 2

So, Ethan's daycare party went well. Ethan spent the whole time crawling off and hanging out with other parents and ignoring me. He's a tad bit social. Heaven help the people sitting near us on the plane on Tuesday.

Later in the afternoon I decided to put on a costume after all, and spent the early part of the evening dressed up as a irritable and mean pregnant woman :) Totally an act, of course. Traffic was not fun getting to Daniel's office, then he wasn't done working yet, which annoyed me, so by the time we got to the mall, I was well into character. The mall was INSANE. Wall-to-wall small people. I gave Daniel the stroller and hung out outside the stores while he went in with Ethan and got candy. Ethan had a great time holding his little basket and looking around at the other kids. We walked around for a little while getting candy, then we headed to Red Robin to get dinner. All in all, a successful, but completely exhausting day.


Lizzie said...

Awwww. Sleeepy Ba-bee!

Ashley said...

His bee costume is really cute! I'm sure the malls WERE crazy!