Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Entering the danger zone

What is the danger zone, you ask?

This is the point in pregnancy where I finally don't feel sick ALL the time! I have an appetite and only feel sick when I get hungry, which work together to mean I am now eating ALL the time! Which would be not so bad, except for the last 8 weeks I've been eating pretty much nothing, so when I did feel motivated to eat, I didn't worry about what it was or the calorie/fat content. So I have a houseful of really yummy, totally not healthy snacks.

And that, my friends, is how I managed to gain 40+ pounds in 6 months when I was pregnant with Ethan.

This time, I'm in exactly the same place as I was last time. I'm down 8 pounds since I got pregnant. My clothes actually fit better (I'm not sure where my babies hide, but it's not in the usual place, as normal people have clothes that are getting tight by now) than they did before I got pregnant. So in addition to the cupboards and fridge full of not healthy food, I have the bad thought running through my head of "oh, I lost weight in the first trimester and things fit so well now, one more cookie/piece of candy/meal of mac and cheese won't hurt".

I need to post pictures of myself 9 months pregnant and immediately post-partum everywhere for a reminder. I cannot afford to put on that kind of weight again. I'm now 14 pounds heavier than I was at this time last pregnancy and I need to put the brakes on the unhealthy eating immediately, for my sake and for the sake of the new baby.

I think Daniel's going to be taking a big bag of candy to work tomorrow. Although this means I now have to get through the next 6 months of without all of the following: alcohol, good sushi, candy, ice cream, cake, and macaroni and cheese. Someone, please tell me that this is even possible.

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Lizzie said...

Oh gosh. That was the beginning of the ice-cream-pretzel-sugary-cereal-for-every-meal part of my pregnancy! Courage, girl!
Oh- you know what KIND OF helps with the sweet craving? Diet Hanson's soda - especially the black cherry kind.