Monday, November 3, 2008

Enjoying my last bit of peace and quiet

Granted, the peace and quiet is at work, so I'm busy reading expert reports, but I'm still by myself and there is little background noise. Probably the last time this will happen for more than a week.

We're all packed- and I think our carry-on luggage might be heavier than what we're checking. Poor Daniel has to carry a gigantic backpack full of toys, games, coloring books, snacks, snacks, snacks, lunch, sippy cups, diapers, teething medicine, wipes, the lost continent of Atlantis... seriously, who knows what's in there. I'm carrying a purse :) I carry a diaper bag every day of my life though, so I think this is a fair trade-off.

And we're checked in to our flight. Fortunately I called the airline this morning when my boarding pass did not say "infant in arms". Which was good, since in the 6 months since we booked our tickets (using ff miles), they have changed flights so many times that Ethan's existence got lost in the shuffle. And it turns out that we have to sit in certain seats, since there are extra oxygen masks in certain places, so they had to rearrange that. But we're still sitting together, which is good.

I feel like I should bring sedatives for the poor people sitting near us tomorrow. Ethan probably wont cry much. But he's likely to spend his whole time trying to get the person next to us to look at him so that he can repeatedly say "hi". And if the person acknowledges him at all, he'll probably try to go sit on that person's lap until he can charm someone else into paying attention to him. My child is NOT shy.

This afternoon I have to feed and bathe Ethan, finish packing up a few last minute things, tidy the house so the neighbors who will be checking on our cats don't think we're slobs, and try to get to bed early, since we have to get up at 3.

I wont be blogging again until we get back, but I hope you all have a great week and I'll be back with stories of travel with a toddler in 9 days!


carrie said...

Have a wonderful trip Carrie!

Ashley said...

Good luck! Have a great trip and I can't wait to hear all about it!