Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas is coming!

One of the best parts about living in the city is being able to be downtown during the Christmas season. Because it is very dark and fairly cold and totally depressing in Seattle in the winter, but when you go downtown there are lights and music and decorations and carousels and people in Santa costumes and everyone is happy and smiling! I even smiled at 6:15 this morning when I was walking from the bus to the office, because there are more decorations going up all over the place and they're so bright and cheery. I'm looking forward to bringing Ethan downtown to enjoy them all. Last year he was fairly unimpressed.

Okay, so do you want to know how to drive me insane? Tell me there's something that I need to do or fix or generally deal with, then tell me I CAN'T do anything about it for two days. There was a billing error with one of my appointments at the hospital I was visiting originally for my OB stuff, and they charged my old insurance. So I got that statement on Saturday and wanted to call and fix it, only to discover that I couldn't until this morning! Ahh!! I tried to keep the obsessing to a minimum though. And this morning I called and they knew about it and were getting ready to bill the right insurance, so whatever.

Today I'm going to the eye doctor. I'm about out of contact and want to get my eyes checked before baby #2 totally screws up my blood pressure and vision. I'm not a huge fan of the eye doctor because to do the exam the doctor has to be rightupinmypersonalcirclepleasepleasemoveawaybeforeIfreakoutIhatehavingpeoplethatclosetome!!!

Yeah, I need my personal space. Badly. I do get lonely at work sometimes, but overall I greatly enjoy the fact that when I'm here, I can sit at my huge desk in my huge office without even seeing another person for 99% of my day. It helps prepare me for the evenings and my days off when I just serve as another piece of furniture for Ethan to try to climb.

So, that's my insanity for the morning. Hurray for a 3-day week! Daniel has to work on Friday, unfortunately, but he claims he's going to leave early. I'm still trying to decide whether to come downtown and shop or to make Daniel bus to work so I can have the car to hit the malls on Friday. Not sure I really have the energy for either option though. I'll figure it out later.


Lizzie said...

The worst is when your eye appointment is in the afternoon and you can smell whatever your doctor had for lunch on his breath rightupinyourface. Ew.

Lindsay said...

Yes visiting the eye doc is WAY too intimate for my liking. Also I get anxious when they say 'better now, or now?' and both look terrible and I can't see ANYTHING, and I have to commit to one being better. Boooo.

Ashley said...

So what are the best Christmasey things to do downtown in Seattle? I'm dying to know some!