Monday, November 17, 2008

Beware the leaning piles of paperwork

I'm totally buzzing on a sugar high at the moment. I had one maple cream Santa, one snack pack of butterscotch pudding, and 5 Trader Joe's ladyfinger cookies. Oh, and a diet Pepsi. And the sun is out! Energy surge!!!

Then I remember the leaning piles of paperwork and feel very tired again. It's not work paperwork, it's the dreaded "prove that you're really married" paperwork for Daniel's green card status change. And there is a lot of paperwork. Which I feel is a bit of overkill in our situation, because of two main reasons.

1. Seriously people. I'm pregnant. And I have a 15-month old at home. No one would EVER do that for the sake of proving the validity of a marriage for ANYONE. EVER.

2. He's Canadian, not from some far-off country that frequently shows up on immigration watch lists. We like Canada. They watch our TV shows and our news and shop at our stores and our restaurants and their economy gets dragged around with ours. If they want to live in our country, let them. It's cold up there. They need a break. And Daniel's been in the US so long that he says things like "let's pray for the new leader of OUR country and OUR government." Of course, I point out to him that it is not his country or government, but he thinks that it is. That should count for something.

We've spent the last 3 days gathering up bank statements, mortgage statements, donation statements, Ethan's birth certificate, pictures of us and our families, you name it, it's in the pile to be photocopied and sent in. The newest problem came up today- and I feel really bad about this one. My dad is writing one of the affidavits for the application. The other person writing one asked for the address to put on the letter, so it looked professional. Which made sense, so I sent that info to my dad as well. Not thinking anything about it. Then he emailed today to say that he'd made it to get the letter notarized and he'd mailed it off to the immigration office earlier today. It was not supposed to go to the immigration office- they will have no clue what to do with it, since there is no case number or ID number on it. The letter was supposed to be sent back to us to send in with the rest of the giant pile. But that info got lost in the shuffle, so Dad now has to do it all again tomorrow.

Good thing Daniel is such a good husband, he does make all of this insanity worthwhile. And I'm certainly not going to live apart from him or move to Canada with him, so I'll just suck it up and keep photocopying/harassing my friends and family for letters.

I need more sugar.

Oh- we have our second ultrasound tomorrow. I so totally need to see the baby! This part of the pregnancy is so stressful- my symptoms are diminishing, I don't look or feel pregnant, too early for baby movement, too early to hear the heartbeat (or at least it was on Friday). I need reassurance! It's an early appointment, so I'll post in the morning and let you all know how it goes.

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