Friday, November 14, 2008

Appointment update

I'm back from my LONG appointment. And I smell like cigarette smoke. From the bus, I think. Yucky. Anyway, made it to the doctor in plenty of time, since the bus was early. But it turns out that was good, because it took forever to update my record. Since apparently I'm mysteriously in their system, but from 4 years ago when I was single and had a different name/address/insurance/emergency contact, etc. I'm still not sure how I ended up in their system, since I have no recollection of ever visiting a doctor connected to this hospital.

Anyway, the reception people were so nice and friendly and I know the life's history of the person who checked me in, which would annoy me in some instances, but I liked in this case, since I left my old doctor due to cranky reception people. I've been assigned to an OB now, who I'll meet in 4 weeks. And I have my ultrasound for the integrated screening scheduled for Tuesday morning at 7:30 AM. Full bladder ultrasound! Hurray! Oh wait, no...

The only slightly bad thing was that the PA couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. But it's early still in the pregnancy and I'm, um, well padded in my abdominal area, so she was not concerned.

Oh, and then I had to go to the bank and get something for Daniel's green card from our safety deposit box, because he needs to start applying for his permanent green card. Getting stuff from the safety deposit box involves these things 1) talking to strangers, 2) waiting patiently while they fill out all the forms for accessing the box and 3) being LOCKED in a small room!!!!. Daniel totally owes me for that one.

I really need to work now. I've accomplished little today, and something must be done about that.

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