Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trying not to fall asleep at my desk

The thing that's funny about all this is that I originally had a physical scheduled for next week, at which I planned to ask the doctor for a prescription for a sleeping pill, since I haven't been sleeping well, and benadryl no longer was working. Instead I got pregnant, which cured the insomnia problem even better than drugs would have.

I forgot about the soul-sucking tiredness. Other than that, I'm still feeling pretty well. I have absolutely no appetite and keep forgetting to eat, which is so utterly unlike me that it's a weird symptom in and of itself, but no nausea to speak of yet. Since I'm starting out this pregnancy 20 pounds heavier than last time, I'm not too worried about the lack of appetite. I made up for it in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters last time, and imagine I will do so again.

But right now I cant imagine having the energy to lift food to my mouth.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job right now? Chasing Ethan around the house yesterday was tough. Especially when I stopped to remember that I had ~35 weeks left to go and it was only going to get worse. When Daniel called at 5:45 to say that they were launching a website and that he would be late getting home, I actually sat on the living room floor and cried while Ethan took advantage of my distraction and played with the computer cords.

My first ultrasound is scheduled for the 21st. I am having an early one again to check and make sure there's only one kid in there. For those of you just joining me, I was a twin (my mom lost the twin about halfway through the pregnancy) and my grandmother is a twin, so they like to check. Not sure about the first OB appointment yet. My family doctor wants me to get in fairly early, given the whole BP thing. Unfortunately, no one at my family medicine practice is doing obstetrics anymore, so I have to be assigned to an OB over at the hospital. Hopefully I'll like the person, as I really hate to leave the hospital where I've been through all of this before, and where they're world experts on people going through pregnancy while on my particular BP medication.

So that's the Wednesday scoop from here. Time to make a trip to the restroom. I forgot about that symptom too!


Lizzie said...

I used to think "I'll go for a walk to shake the fatigue" and then I'd wake up 2 hours later slumped over on the couch with one shoe on. I'm so excited for you!

BJ said...

Yeah, that fatigue really gets ya. I'm glad you're not nauseous - I never got it bad. But tired! OH MY! lol @ Lizzie - waking up 2 hours later. If you have twins, I'll be JEALOUS! We both have twins in our families, and my first was potentially a twin pg.(I had a partial molar before my oldest son). Anyway, I always kind of hoped for twins. Maybe we'll adopt some.

Lindsay said...

I love how someone is always pregnant on the internet, so there is always a supply of babies, toddlers, and in utero babies to adore from afar.

Ashley said...

I know, it's SO hard to chase a toddler around while being pregnant! I'm in the midst of it right now. Plus I get sick in the mornings, so I spend most of the mornings before Kirsten's nap trying to lay down on the couch while she plays with toys on the floor. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But it's rough!!!