Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday morning

Okay, so if you read my last post and are wondering how I've managed to make it through almost 32 years of life while being so busy overreacting about minor things... I actually do have pretty fabulous coping skills. But they do not come out for small problems.  No, the small problems get ignored and pushed to the side until I FREAK OUT!! like I did yesterday and lose my mind and make everyone around me think I'm nuts.

Big problems- I'm great with those. Those remind me to recenter and focus on what's important and pray and read my Bible and talk to people about what's going on and just generally deal with it.  
Yesterday things just got to me, since I'd just left work and am stressed about our trip next week, and am still generally feeling nauseous all the time, which does not put me in a very good mood.  

Anyway, I did stop crying eventually and Ethan and Daniel still love me and I went to bed early and am doing better today. 

Except one of my project managers told me I need to call EPA tomorrow to ask them a question about a report that we don't understand.  Calling people= Carrie's #2 phobia. Just behind snakes.  So that should be interesting. 

I need to go work on performance reviews for coworkers now, before Ethan wakes up and wants breakfast.  Not sure what we're up to today. I'm carless today (weeping bitterly).  I should use my time to organize closets, they're getting out of control again. 

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Lizzie said...

Good thing! I was worried about you! And I'm exactly the same way - I will worry small stuff to absolute DEATH while the big stuff in my life is solved with relative ease! I think it's because we're so passionate. :)