Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is not going to help the whole spend-more-time-with-Daniel-in-the-evenings thing

Both Daniel and I are ever-so-slightly addicted to our computers. Part of the problem is that we both have jobs that involve us sitting in front of a computer all day, and I think we've developed some sort of symbiotic relationship with the computers. So, in the evening, one or the other (and sometimes both) of us are sitting in front of the laptop or on the couch holding the laptop or even curled up in bed with the laptop. And generally whoever is not using the computer just
waits until the other one gets up to go to the bathroom or get something from the kitchen, then swoops in and steals the computer "just to check my email real quickly." As if anything important has happened since I last checked it 4.3 minutes before. You don't even want to know how many times I check my email during the day. Seriously, it's not a good thing. We try to take breaks from the computer and keep it off in the evening, but it never seems to last long.

And to make matters worse, every month or so I will branch out past my internet/email/blogging addiction and will play a game. And then I get addicted to that for a few days.

So, when GameHouse studios sent out an email a month or so ago, asking if any of the Seattle Mom Blogs people were interested in attending a tour at their studios, I was SO there. I awoke to a gorgeous day this morning, so Ethan and I caught the bus about an hour early and went and walked around Pioneer Square for a bit before heading to the GameHouse offices. When we got there, they had a room set up for the kids to play in, and someone there to watch the kids while we had our tour. They had a huge spread of sandwiches and salads for us to eat as well and we enjoyed those while a whole bunch of GameHouse people explained to us what they do and why they were interested in meeting with us. As it turns out, women make up a huge percentage of the casual game players, so we're the target audience for most of these game studios. I believe one of the people referred to the target audience as women age 35 and up at one point, then referred to the target audience as "middle-aged women" at another point, (dude, I'm 31 and there's no way I'm 4 years from middle-aged), but we decided to let that one go :)
After we ate, we began our tour. I really enjoyed seeing the whole process of designing a game- we visited different people throughout their office, beginning with the person who works on an idea at the very beginning, to the graphics person, to the person who codes the game, to the guy who does the (very nice!) music for the background, to the QA guys (who get to play games all day), and to the social networking games people. It was quite the education. Then we got to play some of their games on the different platforms that are available- on the computer, the Wii, phones, you name it.
Unfortunately, Ethan had been up since 7 AM at this point, so we had to leave a little early and catch the bus home for his nap. But I plan to go on their website and check out a bunch more games later tonight (sorry Daniel!) to look for my newest addiction.

Now I have to go make the bed. Or lie down on the bed and contemplate making it. One or the other. Pregnancy is doing bad things to my motivation for cleaning the house.

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It was so great to meet you!