Monday, October 27, 2008

T-8 days until the big cross-country trip

We're heading back east to visit my parents next Tuesday. We flew back there with Ethan last year, but he was then an easily portable 3-month old, so it was a fairly easy trip. Except for his refusal to nurse the whole time, which meant I was in some serious pain at the end of our 12 hours of traveling home.

I asked the doctor if I could give him benadryl. She suggested that I not try it, since he's young and likely to just get hyper. Darn it. We did buy a small DVD player and have a Baby Einstein DVD. He normally isn't allowed to watch TV, so hopefully this will distract him for a while. We're planning to bring lots of other small toys and snacks, but if anyone has any helpful hints, they would be GREATLY appreciated.

He does not have his own seat, as the cost of tickets from here to the small town that we're flying into is incredibly high, and we are far too poor right now for buying him a seat. I was already nervous about this trip before adding in my "morning sickness"/extreme sensitivity to smells/ridiculous tiredness. It should be an interesting week!


Meaghan said...

I want to go on a cross-country trip, its always been a dream of mine! Hope you have a blast :)

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Ashley said...

Good luck! I've flown lots of times with Kirsten (and she never had her own seat either) but never that long of a flight. Definitely be prepared for a long haul! The flight will seem MUCH longer than the actual time it is. I like your idea of movies, and also be sure to bring books and some toys he's never seen before or at least not in a long time. I want to hear how it goes!