Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday night comes so quickly

Sunday night again- I'm supervising Daniel hang shelves on the wall and am blogging while watching The Amazing Race. Here's a confession- I would totally be one of those annoying, yelling, grouchy people if I was on this show. Totally.

It was a good weekend here-I started off the weekend early by taking the afternoon off work on Friday to go do some shopping and go to the gym, since I have NO work to do right now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, or else I'm heading home early again. Saturday morning
started out with a visit to the twice-yearly consignment sale held by a local preschool co-op. The sale was supposed to start at 10, and we showed up at 10:04, to find the parking lot completely full and wall-to-wall people. But we did get some good stuff, so it was a worthwhile trip. After that we headed down to Olympia to Daniel's rental property to empty the quarters from his washing machine, then had lunch at our favorite Korean BBQ. Even the embryo was happy with that, and the embryo is against most foods these days. We had planned a trip to a pumpkin patch, but Olympia was having terrible weather, so that plan was scrapped.

So, we decided to drop by the new Cabela's store. Wow. It was quite the experience, especially given that I do NOT go outside. At all, ever. Unless there's pavement and no chance that I will actually have to interact with any sort of nature. So Cabela's (a two-story massive store full of hunting, camping and fishing gear) was quite shocking to my system. Ethan enjoyed looking at the fish in the aquarium though, so it was a good stop. We finished off the day by stopping at Walmart, where we randomly spent far too much money. Hard not to do at Walmart sometimes.

Today was church in the morning, then after church Daniel and I tried to bribe Ethan into napping so that we could both nap, but he wasn't going for it. Ethan and I ended up going to see my best friend and taking her cake and wine, since she broke up with her boyfriend this weekend and was having a rough day. I'm really hoping that she finds someone great soon, she's so sweet and deserves a great husband and kids!

In baby news, the baby is the size of a sesame seed and I'm just past 5 weeks now. Still feeling really tired and totally devoid of appetite, but otherwise okay.

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Jen said...

We are going to make a special trip to the nearest Cabella's - 3 hours away!!

You look great momma! Congrats on bean #2!