Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No news

I didn't end up calling the hospital (where I will be seeing my new OB next week), because the spotting stopped all day yesterday. Until evening, of course. It's not rational, but I just don't like feeling like I'm overreacting to health issues, so I seriously underreact. I never once called the doctor when I was pregnant, and have taken Ethan in only once other than his well-baby appointments and weight checks.

Also, I never went to the doctor as a kid- the first appointment I had that I remember was when I was 12 and we moved and I needed to get shots in our new state. Because I hadn't been immunized where we were living before. So it's not a mental path of mine "Oh, I'm sick, I should call the doctor." Whereas Daniel, being Canadian (land of socialized medicine) is always suggesting that I go to the doctor for every little ache and pain.

In addition to just not having a history of going to the doctor, I'm a scientist and have worked in a nurse's office and as an EMT, so am one of those people who has just enough information to be dangerous. I told Daniel that he needs to please be forceful and make me go to the doctor or take Ethan to the doctor if he thinks that I am not taking things seriously enough. He hasn't played that card just yet, but almost has on a few occasions.

So just trying to stay distracted until Friday at 4, when we get to see what's going on in my uterus. I'll write again Friday night with an update.


BJ said...

Well, if it were more bleeding, I'd be yelling at you right now to GO TO THE DOCTOR. Being Canadian, maybe I don't think through as much as you would if you were paying out of pocket every time, however, I grew up in a family, where we NEVER went, and still don't very often. To the point the nurse scolded me a few weeks ago for waiting (wrote about it on my blog). As far as spotting, it can be a big deal, or it can be nothing. I had it with a couple of mine, and it was nothing. I'm sure you're fine. I hope this is helpful.

Lizzie said...

I tend to be an under-reactor too. I've got my prayer mill turning.