Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I think my son has meatloaf in his hair and I'm too tired to care

Ethan and I went shopping downtown this morning.  It was a lot of fun, but I am EXHAUSTED now.  It's really kind of scary how little energy I have these days.  I'm a very high-energy person, so this is tough for me to get used to. I just don't sit and rest much, and napping is almost completely out of the question.  Then I get pregnant and try to do all my usual activities and run out of energy half-way through!

Just finished up my self-evaluation for my work's 360 performance review project. This is, without a doubt, the low point of my year, every year.  We have to come up with high points and low points and our top 5 accomplishments. And this year it's especially tough, because I am working hard and doing a good job, mostly, but it's nothing I didn't do last year. I have not really made career progress (fairly intentionally) which is fine, except when I have to point it out to people in the evaluation process. And discussing my low point of the year- what if they haven't noticed! Who wants to bring their failing to everyone's attention if they missed them in the first place!!

In completely unrelated blogging, there's a fun blog party going on that is discussed here and  here Go check it out. Prizes! We all need those this year, that's for sure!


Erin said...

Ugh, review time. I remember those from my days at work and I am SO glad to be done with them.

I always had to come up with something for every one of their stupid points, things like "Promoting the brand". I worked in Payroll. There wasn't a lot that I did that actually pertained to promoting the brand. And saying "I make sure the people who DO promote the brand get paid" didn't cut it.

Hope your review goes well. :)

Oh, and if you are tired? Nap. Even if you don't normally do it. DO it. It will make you feel better. :) I hope.

Petula said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Eventually your energy will return.

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest. I hope to see you around again soon. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

This too will pass ... and then you will feel better. The lack of energy was the worst part of pregnancy in my book.