Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy post!!!

Okay, so you get a happy post from me for my third post of the day (sorry about that!). My primary care doctor wrote me back with a recommendation for an OB, and I decided to give it a shot. I didn't want to switch, since the people at my current clinic are experts on my medication and all, but I also did not want to go through 7 more months of stress over scheduling and getting to the hospital and everything.

So it looks like I'm joining the herd here in Seattle and switching over to the OB clinic at the hospital where everyone else in the city gives birth. And they said when I called that, if I'm having a scheduled c-section, I should be assigned to one person that I'll see throughout the pregnancy. Which would make me very happy.  And they were so nice on the phone and friendly and actually cared when I had schedule availability and all.  

And, best of all, it'll be about a 5 minute bus ride from my office to the clinic.  Which would be great and would save me a lot of time for these next few months.

Sigh of happiness. Thanks for bearing with me on this!

** edited to add. I forgot to tell you this, at the end of the scheduling call, the nice nice lady said "Now, if you have any problems or concerns, just call the office and the nurses will  be happy to help you out."  I have NEVER heard that from my current clinic. In fact I didn't even know who to call if I had problems or what to do.  Seriously, this is such a blessing!


Erin said...


I am so relieved for you. Friendly, courteous, caring people at your OB's office are SO important.

Have a good night! :)

carrie said...

I am so glad you found somewhere that is not only convenient, but sounds pretty caring as well. The last thing you want to feel when you are pregnant is uncomfortable, especially for no good reason!

Don't worry hon, you'll be in your 2nd trimester in 4 short weeks and then you'll feel less tired! :)

Mrs. Flinger said...

The number one scary thing about being pregnant is the whole doctor thing. It's the make-or-break! I'm so gald you found someone who is going to take good care of you. :-)

I know the hospital of which you speak and I here ALL good things. So glad for you!!

AND, congrats, hon!! YEYE!