Monday, October 20, 2008

Grocery shopping with "morning sickness"

So, it was 5:30 here in Seattle. A light drizzle was falling, the sky was already well on its way to darkness, Ethan was in his pjs... and I had a momentary break in the nausea. Which meant- get out the stroller, put a coat on over Ethan's pjs, and head out into the drizzle.

At the store, I had a simple test.  Did the food make me feel nauseous when I looked at it? If yes, walk quickly away. If no, put it in my basket.

I made it home with the following items: a pumpkin pie, a thing of La Choy beef chow mein (I'll have to tell my Chinese husband that it's Chinese food, otherwise he wont be able to tell), a box of Campbell's Supper Bakes in Lemon Chicken, some of those REALLY unhealthy frozen chicken cordon bleus, and a box of lean pockets breakfast sandwiches.  Oh, and syrup for the pancakes that passed the sickness test yesterday.  Now I'm trying to eat as much as possible before the embryo changes its mind again on what foods it likes. Which is pretty much every day.  Daniel's been taking some very strange food to leave in the break room at work. But they're mostly computer programmers there, so they'll eat pretty much anything. 

I'm (temporarily, probably) over my earlier freakout.  I love my job and all, but doing work all day on birth defects is not helping with the craziness. Unfortunately, we're in a really slow time at work, and this is my specialty, so I just have to work on separating emotionally a bit more. I think Daniel and I are going to have to have an especially long prayer tonight!  


Ashley said...

I know what you mean! For the past month I've been eating chips with melted cheese on them for lunch EVERY single day. :)

mary said...

lol..I'm just thankful that my husband went to the store during most of my first half of pregnancy. There was no way i could deal with the fish counter smelling up the entire store!