Monday, October 13, 2008

Ever so slightly worried

I'm having some spotting. Not bright red, not a huge volume, but it's also not going away and maybe is getting a little more frequent since yesterday.  I'm not officially worried just yet. But I'm getting there.

And it's frustrating to not know who to call. My primary care doctor (who I have seen all of once, since my doctors keep leaving the practice) doesn't do OB, so she passed me off to the hospital clinic after my positive test.  But I don't have an appointment with the hospital OB until next week, so I'm kind of in between doctors.

And truthfully, I'm scared to call and have someone brush me off or be rude to me, and I can see that maybe happening at the big clinic.  Maybe not, but I'm really wishing I had an actual doctor to call. 

Okay, yeah, I'm scared. 


Jen said...

Look at all of the others girls over on E who have had the same thing with no issues. Have faith that it will be okay momma ♥ I am praying hard for you and your little bean.

Lizzie said...

Oh, honey! That is scary. We're praying for you. I'm sure it will be fine.

Erin said...

Yikes! I'm thinking of you. And praying for you, natch.

Cori said...

Call your OB, even though you haven't seen her yet. That happened to me too, and my OB was able to answer some questions. (Everything turned out fine, by the way, and we have a healthy 7mo old now!)