Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ethan's officially Canadian!

I got a phone call from the Canadian consulate yesterday, letting me know that Ethan's citizenship card had finally arrived. We applied for it on New Year's Eve last year, so it's been quite the wait!  

So, this afternoon I dropped by the consulate on my way home from work. When the consular worker handed me the card and I laughed out loud. I'd forgotten how fat Ethan's little cheeks were at 4 months old, when we had the picture taken. That and the fact that his height is listed on the card as 66 centimeters just cracked me up. Can you imagine being a 25 year old man and having to hand over that card for identification?  Too funny!


Lizzie said...

Wa ha ha. I LOVE the photo. One of my friend's kids had to get state IDs to fly to wherever they were flying to back when. They were 2, 4, and 5. He can't wait to give them back to the kids when they turn 21.

Lindsay said...

Tres cool. I want my kids to be dualies too...I definitely appreciate your occasional commentary on being married to a Cdn.