Friday, October 10, 2008

Enjoying his joy

I think one of the greatest blessings of being around a small child is getting to see the world through their eyes for a while.  Ethan's been in a ridiculously good mood these last few days (taking a break from teething, I think!) and he's been a lot of fun to watch.

Yesterday he and I were out running errands and stopped by QFC on our way home. On our way out of the store we were waiting for the elevator. And when it arrived, a worker from Office Max (upstairs from QFC) was already in the elevator. WITH BALLOONS!! He saw Ethan staring pointedly at the balloons and asked if he would like one. I agreed and he kindly gave us one (then went back up to Office Max and got more before coming back down to his car again- we stole his balloon!!).  Ethan stared at the balloon on our way home, and then crawled around the condo dragging it behind him for hours.  He wouldn't eat unless the balloon was tied to the side of his highchair. When he got his diaper changed, we had to take the balloon into his room with him.

Every time he looked up at the balloon floating over his head, he got this ridiculously huge smile across his face.  Something so simple made him so happy. And this morning, we got to go through it all again, because he had forgotten about the balloon. When I carried him out to the living room and he saw it again and remembered- he was SO excited!  

That childish joy is just so fun, isn't it? I'm sitting in the living room right now. It's a workday, so Ethan's off at daycare, but I find myself smiling every time I look up and see that balloon floating above me, and think about his excitement this afternoon when he comes home and sees it again.

Kids- they're a handful, but such a blessing too.


mamikaze said...

Can't fault him for staring at it all day, that is one cool balloon.

Jen said...

Jackson got a balloon from someone at the craft store today and I thought of you.

I love E's balloon! Jackson's is pink - LOL - it was left over from a birthday party.