Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apparently people do not read shirts

So, we decided to start telling people about baby #2 today.  We got this shirt (actually, we got a decal and put it on a onesie, because they dont make "big brother" shirts in 12-month size) for Ethan, and had him wear it to our home fellowship today, so we could tell our church friends first.  These are the people that we went through the last pregnancy with, we all have kids about the same age.

NO ONE read the shirt. After 30 minutes, I finally just held him up in front of them and said "read the shirt". 

Oh, and can I just say, I know I'm 31 years old and the parent of 1.2 kids and all, but today, when we had to pick up the babysitter for our home fellowship, and I was suddenly the old married mom in the car, instead of the babysitter that I'm sure I was about 3 minutes ago, it freaked me out.  Adulthood keeps sneaking up on me and scaring me.  

Not really buying into the hype about the new baby

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Elizabeth said...

Geez, congrats and all. I'm soooo far behind on blog reading that I didn't even know. So happy for you!