Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another weekend recap

Note to self: stop planning multiple activities to take place in the space of one weekend day. At least until the end of the first trimester. Thanks very much. Love, Me.

We're having beautiful fall weather here this weekend- blue skies, 50 degrees, leaves everywhere on the ground. So this required a trip to the pumpkin patch. We emailed a bunch of friends and several of them were up for the drive, so we met up with our kids at the pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon. Ethan went to a pumpkin patch last autumn as well, but he was all of 2 months old, so the excitement of the event was kind of lost on him. This year he and his friends had a great time looking at the chickens and horses, riding the hay wagon, and crawling around the pumpkin patch for the obligatory photo shoot.

Then we rushed home and bathed and fed the baby before my best friend showed up to babysit for us, and we were off to dinner and a play. Which I'm fairly sure was a lot of fun, but, as I tried to explain it to Daniel, my brain reaches a point in the evenings, around 7 PM, where it feels a lot like being a little tipsy- everything is just a little fuzzy, and I remember things only vaguely the next day. But it was great to get out, just the two of us, and enjoy spending time together. And- between dinner and the play, we were killing time on Seattle's Capitol Hill (quite the interesting place on Saturday night!) and stopped by a resale store, where I scored 2 pairs of maternity pants (petite-sized, very rare at resale stores! for $7 each. And they're pants that retail for $70-80 in the stores, so I was very excited about that.

This morning Ethan woke with a cold, and I was feeling pretty dreadful myself, so we didn't make it to church, unfortunately. Hopefully we can all stay well next week. Even though we've gone and scheduled two fairly major activities again for Saturday. Whoops. :)

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Ashley said...

Those are fun pictures! I'm excited to take Kirsten to a pumpkin patch soon for her first time ever!