Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost half-way through the week

I can't blame my tiredness this morning completely on either the embryo or the toddler, as Daniel and I stayed up late last night watching Biggest Loser (what were you thinking, black team!). He's still baffled by that show, being one of those annoying people who cannot gain weight. I like watching much more when I'm pregnant. I dont have the guilt of "oh, I really should be more devoted to my diet." Although I still dont like the last half of the season, when the contestants start slowly approaching my weight and then are suddenly thinner than I am.

T-6 days until the big trip. The piles of stuff to be packed are starting to appear around the condo. Fortunately, my parents have a pack n play and a car seat for us there, and they're going to buy diapers, so we get to pack fairly light, but there's still a lot of stuff to take. Including two dress-up outfits for each of us, one for the family photo and one for church on Sunday. Daniel, Ethan and I have never attended a service at my dad's new church. It's always intimidating meeting a congregation, especially after they've been hearing about me for a year or more, and I know nothing about them. I'm not sure how they're going to react to the news of our new addition, as I'm pretty sure they're already entirely sick of hearing about Ethan and seeing photos of Ethan. A second grandkid to be talked about every week might push some of them over the edge.

I'm just really hoping we can get into a better routine after we get back from the trip. Things have been very "survival mode" lately, with Daniel's work being very busy and very stressful, and the pregnancy, and the toddler. We barely even have the energy to talk in the evenings. I miss that. He's my best friend and there's no one I'd rather talk to and spend time with. When my nausea goes away and my energy returns, our marriage is going to have to move a bunch of steps up my priority list, that's for sure.

So that's it from here. Trying to stay awake for another 5.7 hours until I get to head home to get Ethan. I need to finish getting ready for Friday- there's a party at his daycare in the morning (I'm working from home so that I can run over for a bit) and we are heading down to IKEA to go trick-or-treating in the evening. Should be fun!

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Lizzie said...

Friday DOES sound like fun! Make sure you get lots of sleep to save up for what that's going to inevitably take out of you! :)