Wednesday, October 22, 2008

15 pounds???

Daniel and I went to my first OB appointment this morning. I'll be seeing an OB at the hospital where I delivered Ethan, as all the doctors at my usual doctors' office no longer do OB because of the malpractice insurance. So we headed over there this morning after dropping Ethan off at daycare. We're so rarely out without Ethan that it seemed very strange to be getting in the car without him! 

My new OB seems very nice. High energy, so between her and me, we got through the questions and forms in record time. She's all for a repeat c-section (hurray!) given the fact that Ethan was tiny and still got stuck, and that I have high blood pressure. She was not worried about the subchorionic hematoma, which didn't really surprise me. It's one of those things where nothing can be done anyway, so there's not much point in worry about it (I still do, but shouldn't).  My blood pressure is going to result in the usual huge number of ultrasounds and appointments and NSTs and everything.  I'm not sure how that's going to fit with my job and with Ethan, but we'll worry about that later too.

So the appointment was almost done and we were gathering up our papers, and she asked how much I weighed today.  I told her and admitted that I was 20 pounds heavier than where I was at the beginning of my last pregnancy.  Which is when she told me that I should try to only gain 15 pounds.  I gained 40 last time.  This is going to be interesting.   


Lizzie said...

15 pounds seems like nothing! If you ever need me to sit with Ethan when you have appointments let me know! :)

maggie said...

15 pounds???!!! I'm pretty sure I gained 15 pounds in the first trimester. GAH.

carrie said...

You're pregnant????

Oh, where have I been? Congratulations Carrie! That is super news and don't worry about a gaining a little weight, you're GROWING A BABY (get it? like your title?) :)