Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watching the little one sleep

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I seem to be watching Ethan sleep more these days than I did before. I think it's because he's at that stage where he's growing and changing so fast that it's almost visible. I'm scared that I'm going to put my barely-a-baby-anymore to bed one night and a toddler will be in his place in the morning (or at 2 AM, because he's teething and feels the need to wake up every 3 hours).

This time last year he wasn't even 6 weeks old yet. He was a floppy little thing whose only skill was to occasionally eat or poop. When we dangled toys in front of him he just looked at them in cross-eyed confusion. Then we'd take the toys a little further out in his field of vision, and he'd look at them in regular confusion. We had to keep convincing our cats to not sit on him when I was nursing, and explained to them endlessly that he was not some sort of wiggly pillow. They still don't really get that, but he can defend himself now, so whatever.

He was so helpless last year and needy. And now he's big and learning to walk and climb and knows how to play with all his toys. The other day at the Children's Museum he crawled up to the edge of the stairs, turned around and went down them backwards, just like I wanted him to do. Except we hadn't taught him that and had no idea he knew how. I congratulated him with surprise in my voice, and he gave me a look that could have come from the nearest teenager's face. You could practically see "Duh" just radiating from him. Fortunately he doesn't know how to roll his eyes at me just yet.

Since he's not been feeling well lately, he's been clingy. And he wants only me when Daniel and I are both around. And I love it. Because I know that my baby isn't going to be a baby much longer and I need to get all the baby hugs in that I possibly can. I'm looking forward to him growing up, that's for sure, I think he's going to be a fun kid. But I'm going to also take time to enjoy these last few days/months of baby, because they're going so fast.

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Lizzie said...

Tres cute. Have a great weekend, Carrie!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I often go in to cover up my son before I hit the sack and I can't believe how big he is. But it's the only time I can really see him without chasing after him!

Thanks for joining in the shower festivities!

Anonymous said...

I was horrified at how early my daughter perfected the fine art of eye-rolling. My son, at 4, has not yet mastered it. Which is good, because it's so hard to fight the impulse to tape their eyelids shut when they do it...