Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September already?

I CANNOT believe that it's the 3rd of September already. Just way too unbelievable. This year has gone so fast.

Daniel and I had a lovely time on Sunday and Monday. We went downtown after church and lunch with the family and spent some time walking around and shopping before heading to our hotel. We stayed at the Arctic Club Hotel, which just opened a few months ago. It used to be a men's club (opened in 1908) for goldminers that made money in the Alaska Gold rush. We had a nice dinner and went to see Shrek at the 5th Avenue Theatre. The musical was great! The actor that played Lord Farquaad totally stole the show, in my mind, but all the other actors were fabulous as well. We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and then headed back home to the condo, where Ethan and my parents were all still intact and healthy.

Then a few hours later we all piled into the car and drove up north a bit to meet Daniel's brother and his brother's fiancee for dinner. Their wedding is going to be very low-key, so much so that they apparently don't need to do much planning or actually set a date anytime soon. This does not sit well with me, because I need to have a schedule at all times. I finally got them to tell me that the wedding would probably be around Memorial Day. This is actually fairly important for me to know, for reasons other than my insane need for having things on my calendar in advance. We're actually trying to have another baby, and I really don't want to totally mess up the wedding by giving birth around that time and having me and/or Daniel not be able to travel up to Canada for the wedding. So, it looks like we'll probably have to wait a few more months to resume trying to produce another munchkin, as getting pregnant this month would put my due date pretty close to the end of May.

So, that's the recap of events going on around here. Mom and Dad head home tomorrow, so the reprogramming of Ethan will begin tomorrow afternoon. And I'm hosting a baby shower on Saturday, so there are many many things on my to-do list for the rest of the week. Sunday I plan to sleep all afternoon!

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