Thursday, September 18, 2008


We're going to Canada this weekend. Possibly tomorrow night, and if not then, on Saturday. (Edited Thursday night to add- we're going Friday night. Whoohoo! I get to work all day, then load up the car, get the baby from daycare, get him fed and changed, fight Friday night traffic to pick up my husband at work, drive 3 hours and then sleep on a small bed with scratchy sheets for two nights!! Whimper.)  I should be packing. I'm eating ice cream and blogging instead. I think that counts as getting ready for the trip though, it's mental preparation.

Our trips to Canada fall into one of two categories:
1) we have nothing special planned and spend the time up there watching the grandparents play with/feed/entertain Ethan, while I sit on the nice couch and channel surf through hundreds of cable channels (we don't have cable) including HGTV and my beloved property flipping shows, and occasionally leave the condo to get things like coffee (which my in-laws don't drink) or go to the massive mall that's nearby. These trips usually leave me pretty relaxed. Or...

2) we have something planned for every second of every day, including visits with Daniel's old high school friends (I actually like all them, so that's not too bad, it just makes me feel very young), dim sum with my mother-in-law's high school friends (really, they're still friends!), more meals with assorted aunts and uncles who don't speak English, and so on and so forth. These trips usually leave me totally fried mentally and emotionally, as the crowds (there are always crowds at Chinese restaurants in Vancouver) and the lack of understanding conversations start to get to me after a while.

And have I mentioned that someone is sick on every visit? It's usually Ethan, but sometimes it's me.  So when Ethan was sent home from daycare with a fever yesterday, I was not even vaguely surprised.  He's fine, just teething. We had a weight check at the doctor today and everything else seemed fine with him. But he's hot and grouchy, so this is DEFINITELY the time I want to pack up piles of belongings and drive 3 hours to Canada.  Oh wait, no.

This trip should be vaguely amusing though. We're going out for dinner tomorrow night, to what was originally billed to us as a combination birthday party for Daniel, his mom and his brother's girlfriend. Which seemed odd to me, because it's not a big birthday year for anyone.  And Daniel's brother finally told us a couple of weeks ago that this dinner was in fact an engagement dinner.  Which is nice. But here's where it's weird- when Daniel mentioned it to his mom, she didn't know!  And his brother lives with his parents, so you would think that it would have come up in conversation. We all knew they were talking about getting married next summer, but had no idea that there was an upcoming engagement dinner. 

I suspect that I will have lots of blog material for you all on Sunday night/Monday morning.  The dinner is Saturday night at a restaurant where I will likely be the only white person and will almost definitely be the fattest person in the room.  (I just finished off the pint of ice cream, assuring that I will possess the fattest person title) But I will actually have food I like this time, because Daniel's brother realized it was cheaper to order some sort of chicken dish for me, rather than the fancy "set menu" foods that they have for celebrations. It's really a shame that I don't like most banquet-type Chinese foods.  But sharks fin soup and jellyfish are just never going to be my thing. 

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Jen said...

I didn't know sharks fin soup and jellyfish were anyone's thing!

I hope you have a safe trip and it goes much better then you think!

maggie said...

AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH we totally have to get together and share Vancouver stories. We had shark fin soup and jellyfish at MY wedding banquet. OMG my poor mother. And! My inlaws are constantly going to school reunions (JUNIOR HIGH! FROM TAIWAN! A MILLION YEARS AGO!) and I am in awe AS WELL! Always the fat white person! Always staring off into space because I can't understand anything! (Although, neither does Phillip!)

Oh, and the whole reason I wanted to comment in the first place- we haven't been since Jack was born. Do we need to get him a passport?