Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been behaving rather like an ostrich lately regarding all the economic upheaval. Just burying my head in the sand and humming loudly to myself to block things out. Truth be told, I just don't have the energy left to worry about things that are beyond my control. And it's not like anyone really knows what's going on right now anyway.

That being said, I have a friend who works for Wamu, which was bought out last night. We're praying hard for the friend's family and job and all those details. It's been a stressful situation for months now, and certainly didn't get better with last night's news.

Tomorrow we're off to the Wing Luke Asian Museum in the International District. It's free museum day tomorrow. Go here for details and passes. Then Sunday we're meeting up with friends for lunch and then taking them and their girls to the Children's Museum. We're loving our membership, it really wasn't that expensive and being able to take friends with us is so much fun!

Sorry I'm so dull today. I'm too tired to be clever. Maybe next week. Have a great weekend.


Karen said...

Hey Carrie

re: your comment--

That's really cool! Sometimes my server shows me from somewhere other than where I actually live. In the past I've been from Mississippi and Nova Scotia. LOL. However, if it says that I live in the town that starts with N, then it's correct. :)

I would LOVE to meet you, Daniel and Ethan if you ever come this way. Don't you dare ever pass through without saying hello. :)

Elizabeth said...

Ugh...I'm so tired of listening to news about the financial crisis. I've decided to just ignore it too, because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I have no energy to worry about things beyond my control.