Friday, September 12, 2008

In search of a new crutch

So, when Daniel and I were talking about trying to have another baby and were weighing the options and discussing optimal scheduling (trying to not be 9 months pregnant at his brother's wedding, trying not to have 2 kids too close together, etc.) and our lack of housing space issue, and me working/staying home... we somehow missed one VERY important thing.

If I'm trying to get pregnant/have a baby, I have to cut out alcohol and caffeine*.

I have a 13-month-old child. And a job. And two cats. And a husband with a long commute and stressful job who is willing to help out at home, but is totally worn out at the end of the day and lately has been spending his evenings talking to his staff members in Vietnam over Skype.

If I dont have alcohol and caffeine, I dont think I can deal with the things mentioned above.

I need to email my close friend, who is Mormon and somehow made it through three years of grad school without alcohol and caffeine. A concept that baffles me to this day. Maybe she'll have some advice.

*- I am a toxicologist and do a lot of developmental/reproductive toxicology work and know that there is not much risk from a small amount of caffeine per day, but I was up to 4 cups of coffee/diet cokes per day in the last several months and so have to cut back drastically.


The Tacheny's said...

It is amazing what we can do when it is for the health of our baby. :) But boy I was glad when I wasn't pregnant I was able to have that Margarita!

BJ said...

I've never used either caffeine or alchohol regularly, so I have to say I can't empathize. If it were chocolate, on the other hand...yikes! I think chocolate makes sweeter babies. Well, that's my excuse anyway. :D

mary said...

Maybe you'll be "lucky like me" and just be sick as a dog for the first 18 weeks or so....the idea of coffee, diet coke or anything w/ artificial sweetener made me puke.....

And I was on q 4 call in the NICU during a lot of was bad.

I guess the baby had to look out for himself !!!

Lindsay said...

Amen Carrie. I need both alcohol and caffeine at this point. But like what a lot of people say, nothing like a baby to motivate otherwise!