Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was SO not going to blog about this

But the girls over at the WW board are finding it so funny that I thought I should share my humiliation here too.

I mentioned that Daniel and I went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast on Monday morning.
So there we were, waiting for our food, having a nice conversation. A group of beautiful blonde ladies got up from the table next to us and left. A minute later, the hostess made a quiet shriek, and we all looked over to see a pair of underwear sitting on the floor. The hostess and several waiters gathered around to look at the underwear and discuss what to do. They made comments about one of the blonde ladies having dropped the underwear and kept glancing out the door that they had just left through. Finally, the hostess hooked it onto her heel and hopped across the restaurant with the underwear, presumably to the nearest trash can. She returned and she and a waiter giggled about it for a while longer.

About halfway through this whole thing, I began to have the nagging feeling that the underwear looked familiar. Like a pair that I had tossed into the washer with the jeans that I was wearing that morning. I dont use dryer sheets anymore (got out of the habit since I dont use them with Ethan's clothes) and the underwear had stuck to the jeans until I walked enough for them to fall out, right there on the floor.

Moral of the story- check your clothes carefully! :)


Lizzie said...

That is AWESOME!! I'm glad for you that there was someone else to blame it on. Too bad you're a pair short now, though. Hahahaha.

Erin said...


I'm sorry that I find this funny, but it's giving me quite a giggle.

The soft shriek of the hostess cracks me up.

Brillig said...

Just surfed in from a comment you left somewhere else. I'm DYING here! That is SO FUNNY!!!! And I love that the beautiful blondes have to take the fall for it. Hahaha.

carrie said...

Nice Carrie!

Thank goodness it wasn't some tp stuck to your shoe, now THAT would have been ultra embarrassing!

AZMom said...

ROFLOL!! Well, at least no one saw them on your jeans first!

banquet manager said...

I deal with waiters everyday and this story is a first. Good post.
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Rachael said...

Best coverup ever for something that could have been REALLY embarrassing! Hilarious.