Thursday, September 11, 2008

Haven't forgotten

I didn't actually remember what today's date was until I opened up my blog reader this morning and saw all the posts about 9/11. I knew that it was a Thursday today, but I don't generally know the date on my non-work days.  It's still a hard date to think about, even for those of us who didn't lose anyone close to us.  

I had just moved to Seattle a few weeks before. My parents had actually been out for a relative's wedding and had flown home on 9/10. (Oddly enough, Dad also flew home one day before all the flights in the UK were shut down a few years ago. Do not travel one day after my parents!) I hadn't started grad school yet, and had nothing to do that day, so I slept late. And like today, I didn't know what was going on until I opened my email and started reading emails from friends overseas, wondering what was going on in the US.  So I turned on the TV and sat and watched and cried.  I remember going out later in the day to do some shopping and being surprised the fact that life was going on as normal, but also at how quiet and subdued everyone was. 

Last year Daniel and I took a trip to NYC and visited Ground Zero and some of the buildings nearby, like the church where the rescue workers were stationed. It was a heart wrenching experience.

We have not forgotten all of you who lost loved ones that day or who have continued to sacrifice as military and military families since then to keep our country safe. You are in our prayers.   

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