Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cool! (and not so cool)

So, you remember how Kristen, over at Motherhood Uncensored had the Blog the Recession thing going on? Well, I won this backpack from Land's End (I had completely forgotten that there even were prizes involved and was so shocked to get her email!) It arrived today and looks great! Given that it's about the same size as my kid, I'll probably let Daniel use it instead. He needs a new gym bag and this one will be fabulous. Thanks!

A small vent. I LOVE my husband and he is totally selfless and fabulous about 99% of the time. And I know that I talk way too much and probably say a lot of things that he doesn't need to listen to, but he's pretty much my only adult conversation on any given day, so he's just going to have to deal with it. And I've given him permission to not really listen when I'm droning on about work or mommy blogs or things like that.

But when I call in the morning from work to remind him that something particular REALLY NEEDS TO BE MAILED THAT DAY! and that it's sitting on the counter all ready to go or, that the baby HAS NO DIAPERS AT DAYCARE! and that the diapers and the baby's spare clothes are in a bag in the closet with his usual daycare bag, all ready to go..seriously, LISTEN TO ME!!!!

This is the number 2 thing I don't like about Daniel's new job (#1 is the commute)- he's using up all of his conversational and listening skills at work (and he talks a LOT), since he's a project manager and has to coordinate people and tasks. And he doesn't seem to have any words left to say or hear when he's home. :(

Okay, vent over. Time to go find a snack for Ethan.

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Jen said...

Hi C! I haven't checked up on you lately but I am glad that you are all around doing better! I think your one year plan (from the other post) sounds great.

Since I know you are one of my few readers (LOL), I changed my blog URL and it is

Oh and DH is the same way. Remembers the stupidest little things but nothing important.