Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another great Thursday

I like Thursdays.  They're one of my two non-work days, so I get to sleep past 5:30 (when Ethan allows it) and have a slower morning and get stuff done. And I have a car most Thursdays, which means I can actually go places that are a little further from home than on my other day at home.  This morning I did laundry (of  course) and made zucchini bread from a zucchini that we had been given by my aunt and uncle.  Apparently the sight of Mommy actually doing something in the kitchen was intriguing/shocking to Ethan, because he happily sat in his highchair and watched me make the bread. Thank goodness, since I'm not sure how I would have managed to get it done otherwise.

Then he napped and ate lunch, and we ran out to Trader Joe's and the library to run some quick errands.

And then we went to Green Lake to meet Liz and Lucy!!! I had to talk to a stranger! :)  Thankfully Liz is great and so easy to talk to, and Lucy is a total doll, and it was a great time.  It's funny to meet up with people whose blogs I've read- I've done it a few times now, and everyone has been as fun in real life as they are online, thank goodness.  In addition to actually getting to have a real conversation with a real adult, the weather here is amazing today- one of those mid 70s Seattle days, with beautiful blue sky and a light breeze. Too perfect.

I think I might have talked Liz's ear off a bit though.  Sadly for her, I got over my fear of strangers a lot quicker than usual. Usually people can count on me being quiet for the first few meetings before I start talking incessantly.  Not so this time. Sorry, Liz!  But Daniel will be so grateful to you when he gets home and I don't talk his ear off as much as usual! 

Ethan kind of has a thing for Liz. He kept trying to hold her hand while we walked around.  Lucy was perfect and slept the whole time.

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Lizzie said...

Haha! Adam knows how Daniel feels! Thanks for the zucchini bread. I'm so glad to have a new IRL friend!