Thursday, August 14, 2008


That was the sound of Ethan falling off the bottom of the growth chart. For weight at least. I'm not sure exactly where he stands. The lowest line is fairly far above where he is, so I'm guessing 1st or 2nd percentile. He's in the 25th percentile for head circumference and in the 40th percentile for height (not sure how that happened), but he's skinny. His doctor is actually a little concerned about his size, especially in combination with the gagging/projectile vomiting, so we're going to see how things go this week, and then go see a children's occupational therapist if the gagging doesn't improve. And we get to go back in a month for a weight check- hopefully we can fatten him up before then!

Anyway, he's napping now, so I'm going to go try to get some cleaning done. We had a spill of juice in the fridge last week and I'm getting tired of everything being sticky, so I should go work on that. Actually, I just want an excuse to sit with my head in the fridge, as it's in the mid-80s here today and very warm in our condo. Off to the cleaning!

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Ashley said...

I hope everything is okay! Kirsten has always had a really strong gag reflex as well, but she is in the middle of the growth chart so the doctors haven't seemed concerned. And I would love to go to the Children's Museum with you sometime! That sounds really fun and I've never been yet!