Monday, August 4, 2008

This is going to be an interesting week

Warning- this post is going to be a little bit on the angst-filled side. Sorry. Hopefully I'll get a grip on things soon and will be able to have amusing things to say. But probably not this week.

Monday morning, 6:30 AM. I'm at work. Dreading the week, since last week was rough and I am a little disillusioned with my job right now. Opened my email. Found an email from daycare. Tuition has gone up $100/month. With all the other increase in expenses and decreases in salary- that's a tough one to add to the mix. But I do still bring home a bit of money per month after daycare costs, so losing that would be very hard on our budget. And, being home all the time would probably drive me to lose the very slight grip on my sanity that is remaining.

But more than the daycare/work thing, I'm having a very tough week because it's now been a year since the whole fiasco of trying to get Ethan out happened. And I KNOW that it is all okay because he and I are fine. But that somehow doesn't stop the flood of emotions and fear that I still have from all that happened during that very long week. I don't know why I am still so overwhelmed with it all. But I am.

And to round it all off, my body is betraying me a bit (too much information warning!!!)- I get my period every two weeks, which means I'm in a constant state of hormonal flux. And my blood pressure is up. Way up. While on medication. Yeah, I'm having fun.

I need a break. A real one. A vacation away from this stuff. Not going to happen though.

Crap, I hate being so whiny and discouraged. I am SO sorry for making you all read all this junk. What a rotten way to start your week.

We did get to see the Blue Angels this weekend! Mandarin class happens to be in the part of Seattle with the best view of the proceedings. This meant that we had to park far far away from class and walk, but it was a gorgeous day and it was really fun to watch the amazing flying skills of the Blue Angel pilots. Ethan wasn't as thrilled by some of the really low passes that the planes made, but we had a good time anyway.


Jen said...

I saw your post on E.

Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.


Lizzie said...

Oy. Crappy Monday, stupid daycare. I hope the week looks up from here for you!

mary said...

carrie- sorry this week started out crappily- hopefully this means it can only go up!!!!!

Ashley said...

I'm sorry your week started not good! I hope it gets better! You are lucky you got to see the Blue Angels fly. Since we don't live directly in Seattle, (you are lucky!) we just stayed as far away as possible this weekend to avoid all the traffic and crowds. But I want to see Seafair some year for sure!