Friday, August 22, 2008

Talking to strangers

So, you know all that work that I stressed about getting done on Wednesday? Trying to fit it in with the sick baby and all? All for nothing. We're not using it at all. Which happens fairly often in my job, but still. Grr.

But I'm not really stressing about that, because I have something else to freak out about. I have to talk to strangers TWICE in the next 36 hours. People, this is giving me an ulcer. I'm fairly certain I've written about this before, but here's the thing. I love people. Once I get to know them. Until then, I am terrified. I don't know how to start conversations, I don't know how to end conversations, and I stink at small talk. And the situation has become so much worse since I had Ethan, because now I'm 1) tired and 2) have no life, so have nothing to talk about with strangers other than diapers and what Ethan's up to that day, and they don't care!!!

This afternoon is the yearly picnic for Ethan's daycare. In theory it's supposed to be nice weather here today. I'm not entirely sure that I believe it yet, but hopefully they're right. At least this group of people is also tired and probably also has no life. And I realized this morning that all the moms at this picnic will be working moms, which is a group I don't hang out with too terribly often, so that'll be interesting.

Tomorrow night is my real scary experience though. We're going to Portland for Daniel's best friend's birthday dinner (and to see my grandmother) and are going out without the baby. I sort of hide behind Ethan in scary social situations, but that wont be an option this time. Tomorrow night I have to 1) dress fairly nicely (it is Portland, so that's a relative term), 2) stay awake past 9 PM, and 3) socialize with strangers who do not have kids. What am I going to say? I may have to resort to just chewing my food very thoroughly so that I look busy eating all the time and have an excuse to just be quiet.

I'm sure both events will be fine. They usually are. But I am still going to live in fear for the next 36 hours.


Anonymous said...

I suffer from the same problem! I'm a good conversationalist in my head and with my family and friends but I suck when it comes to strangers. The school picnic will be fine because everyone else has a common interest, kids. And tomorrow you can always fall back on talking about the Olympics. It's a good filler. Good luck! ~Amanda

Ashley said...

Good luck with everything! I can relate. Strangers can be scary, and I know what you mean about hiding behind a baby. :)