Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Riding the bus

This weekend is Daniel's best friend's birthday, so we're headed down to Portland to attend a fancy dinner in his honor. And I have nothing to wear, as 1) I live in Seattle and 2) don't fit into my nice clothes from pre-baby and 3) have had no reason to buy nice clothes in my current size.

So, Ethan and I took a bus ride to downtown this morning to do a little shopping. Upon boarding the bus, Ethan immediately started waving and smiling at all the people around him. Still no stranger issues, apparently. At the stop after us, a very nice elderly woman boarded and sat across the aisle from us. She asked if Ethan was a little boy, how old he was, etc. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She continued chatting with us for a few minutes, then said "It's so good that you're not one of those awful working mothers. That's just not right, when women have kids and then don't stay home with them. They're missing all of the important years and their kids are just never going to be okay." By this point my smile was a tad bit forced as I am, in fact, a working mother, this just happens to be one of the days that I don't work.

It was hard to hear those things. I didn't say anything to her, just smiled. She was (as I found out later in the conversation) 98 years old and had never married. So her perspective on things is not the same as mine. And she's entitled to her opinion. But seriously, she needs to be careful. She assumed I didn't work just because I wasn't in an office at 10 AM on a Tuesday. And there was a bus full of people right near us, most of whom were probably working moms.

Luckily, I had a successful shopping trip and didn't dwell on her comments too much. I got two cute dresses, a jacket and a shirt, as well as a few other random things. Hurray! And then I took the monorail home, and rode with my IPod playing in my ears. Just in case.

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Lizzie said...

People like that crack me up. Especially the old ones. Actually, it's worse when it comes from someone not so old... They don't have a clue, and really don't care.
Ah well. Don't let it bother you. Yay new clothes!