Monday, August 25, 2008


I survived talking to strangers. The daycare picnic wasn't bad at all, Daniel and I just mainly were by ourselves at first until time to eat, then we spent most of our time talking to the grandparents of some kids. Saturday's dinner was also not bad at all. Actually it was a lot of fun. Mainly because of the great food and great wine, but also because we were sitting near Daniel's friend and his friend's girlfriend, and we, of course, know them well, and the guy on my other side was also really nice.

Other than that, I have nothing coherent to say, so will leave you with random thoughts.
1. Why is it that no one can drive in the rain around here, even though it rains a good bit of the time? Seriously, our drive home last night took 6 hours instead of 3 thanks to all the traffic. NOT fun with a 1 year old.

2. I know I've asked this before, but why is my kid totally disinterested in his toys and instead focuses on a) destroying the new cat toy, b) getting the window blind pull from where I've tucked it out of his reach, c) playing with the remote, d) climbing on our bed.

3. Did anyone else feel a little sad for the London Olympic people during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics last night? I kept thinking, that's nice, but where are your other 20,000 performers with the synchronized dances and fireworks and light show? It was a little pitiful.

4. How can I learn to carry Ethan with my other arm so that I don't end up with one ridiculously well muscled arm and one puny one?

5. Is Daniel ever going to come home from work? He hasn't even left yet, and traffic is going to be a beast (see #1).

6. Why am I blogging instead of doing the 74 million things around the condo that need to be done before my parents show up in 49 hours?

7. WHY IS IT 57 DEGREES AND RAINING IN AUGUST??? It's summer. Summer. It's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny. Please come back, sun, please!

Okay, he's in my magazines again, and is trying to eat things I haven't read yet. Must dash.

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Ashley said...

I can SO relate! The weather here hasn't felt anything like August lately, it's felt more like October! I thought we had a few weeks left of summer! And the traffic here... horrendous. Awful!