Friday, August 29, 2008

Just picture a witty title in this space

Ethan's teething again. He likes to do that when people are visiting us or we are going on a trip or have some activity planned. And, given that he's almost 13 months old and only has 5 teeth, I have the sneaking suspicion that we have a lot of teething in our future.

My parents arrived safely on Wednesday night. Ethan was glad to see them and has been enjoying the undivided attention of grandparents. Although they have had to tell him no and swat his hand when he insisted on doing something wrong over and over and over and over again (pretty much Ethan's favorite hobby). Today they're off at the Science Center while I'm at work, and we actually have sunshine, so hopefully they're having fun! Tonight it's off to my 5-year-old cousin's birthday party, where Daniel and I will attempt to look like we slept last night and were not awakened frequently by a monster teether.

This weekend is our first night away from Ethan together, hopefully he'll do well! We're looking forward to it, greatly.

Okay, off to weight watchers to see how much I've gained. Seriously, not a good WW week. Oh well.

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Ashley said...

Teething seems never-ending. Kirsten is getting molars now!! Crazy!